LBX PHARMACY:Quality centerQuality

Quality principle: Quality comes first because customers come first.
Key words: Profession, Focus, Innovation
Goals: Control quality risk, ensure business safety and improve customers’ professional satisfaction.

Three System:quality evaluation system of suppliers’ products, quality risk control system of Chinese Herbal Medicine
One Platform: customer service platform, supplier service platform, inner customer service platform
Organization structure: our layers, one city model


Quality management structure: four layers structure, one city management

Quality management model
1.Publish an monthly to inform all employees of quality work condition and allow them to manage quality.
2.Provincial Quality Monthly Report
3.Spot check-up & phone selective check-up &video click check-up: theInstitution Quality Control Department carries out an annual spot check-up to provincial, provincial companies start two spot check-up to every store every year; regional quality duty stores carry out one spot check-up every month.
4.Monthly Evaluation: the index includes purchase channel control, monitor and coach of stores daily work and pharmacists management.