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Story1. :After 7 days since First LBX store——Xiangya store opened, we encountered some trouble because low price strategy lashed market, and Wang Guiyun, Deputy of Hunan Supervision Department and along with other government officers visited our store. Mr. Wang held the on-site meeting in front of LBX store. One customer mistakenly thought Mr. Wang as Mr. Xie Zilong, the board chairman, and gave high compliment of LBX face to face and believed decrease of medicines equaled to increase for their salary. When informed that he made a mistake, he was so excited and greeted out loud” Long live the Communist Party” .people there were also inspired by him and applauded government for supporting LBX pharmacy. They believe LBX gave the public a chance to gain benefit and afford to buy medicines. we delicate to keep the interest of the public as our business philosophy.

Story2. :Since LBX Chenzhou Store opened, one customer found that the same medicine he bought with 36 yuan in hospital was priced 3.6 yuan, which meant one tenths of hospital price. The price is too low that the customer mistakenly thought is as fake medicine and reported to government department. Industrial and commercial sector immediately conducted an investigation and in the end they ensure that all medicines and related products in LBX store were legal and satisfying national medicine regulation standard. After that, the customer was so surprised and touched and said that” LBX is my only choice when I need medicine. ”

Story3. :LBX Service Center came from it. One managerial employee was diagnosed herpes and doctor in hospital prescribed one box of “Mingzhuxin” at the price of 109 yuan. The major constituent is valaciclovir hydrochloride and mainly used as antiviral medicine. After doctor and pharmacist in LBX Xiangya store looked at his medical record and believed he was that sick to use the expensive “Mingzhuxin”, and acyclovir at 1.9 yuan ,also an antiviral medicine,would cure him and as expected he was healed after he took acyclovir. After this incident, this employee immediately realized that our customer might also need medicine use guide. We should provide some similar service for customers to make sure the treat was cost-efficient and cure-efficient and maintain their benefit. Thus, Little Pigeon Service Center was launched since then.

corporate objective:All for common people
Operation concept:Bearing the common people in mind,keep low price;
Bearing the common people in mind,provide good service;
Bearing the common people in mind,ensure high quality.
Corporate spirit:Worship kindness and keep faith;be pragmatic and innovative.
Social responsibility:Where thanksgiving remains, kind behavior remains.
Corporate vision:Dedicate in health career;create century-old store.