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公司主要会计数据如下: 单位:元 币种:人民币


scope of business and main business:

Retail of of traditional Chinese medicinal materials, prepared slices of Chinese crude drugs, Chinese patent medicine, chemical medicine preparations, antibiotic preparations, biochemical drug, and biological products (chain store), clinic of traditional Chinese medicine (Branches shall be operated against license for practicing of medical establishments.); Type I and Type II medical devices (excluding 6840 IVD reagents, including 6840 ovulation test paper, ovulation test card, ovulation test pen, zinc and calcium detection reagent and dry chemical test paper) and type III medical devices: 6815 injection puncture apparatus, 6822 medical optical equipment, instrument and endoscopic device, 6864 medical material and dressing, 6866 medical macromolecular materials and products; operation and utilization of aquatic and wild animal (for species and areas for operation and utilization that are permitted by license only); wholesale and retail of prepackaged food, unpacked food, dairy products (including infant formula milk powder); retail of China-made wine, provide information on internet drugs, service on drug transaction via the internet; information service on the Class-II value-added telecom service (excluding telephone information service via rigid network and mobile information service); retail of the health food within the scope as specified in the Registration Form on Business Permit of Health Food Business; retail of nursing materials for contact lenses, sterilization equipment, daily necessities, cosmetics, and small household appliances; offer counter rental service and the planning, consultation and service of related businesses (Items that need to be approved according to law shall obtain the approval of related department before carrying our business operations.)