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Development :
Our company has formulated the development strategy for personnel and commits to “care about personnel, respect personnel and cultivate personnel”. Given this, we have put forward the idea of “enable the employees and the company to achieve common development” and set up a series of personnel development system to provide more conditions of study, cultivation and job rotation for our employees, which are directed at bringing about common progress between employees and the company.

Our company has set up the broadband remuneration system that is based on ability and focuses on performance, in order to approve the advanced personnel and encourage the ones lagging behind.This system, in essence, opposes and eliminates equalitarianism, comparing with the higher and nearsightedness, and takes distribution according to work whilst paying attention to development as our basis for value distribution.

Our company offers welfare to our employees, such as endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including serious illness medical insurance), maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, and housing fund. Besides, we also offer holiday cash gift, meal subsidy, physical examination, five-heart fund, employee relief fund and other supplement welfare. Education and training is the biggest welfare as proposed to our employees.

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