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Young crop plan: Young crops are excellent undergraduates that are uniformly recruited by the Group’s personnel administration center and taken as the focus of cultivation and of arranging to study company operation, management and medicinal knowledge systematically, as well as excellent talents that have been engaging in the pharmaceutical retail industry for one to three years. These personnel shall be the focus of development and cultivation of the company’s strategic objective for talents.

Young Crop Plan is a program for cultivation and development of talents, which is targeted at the growth property of young crops and the need of corporate development.

Young Crop Plan is the gold medal project for the common people. As the nucleus of a company’s future core talents, green crops are young, highly flexible, vigorous and creative. In the process of cultivation, we shall give full play to the personal characteristics of green crops. Our company shall vigorously create an environment fit for the growth of green crops and shall lay great stress on and care about green crops whilst making concrete effort in carrying out management, so as to build up a green channel for the growth of green crops. We hope that all the green crops will make unremitting efforts toward their goal and ideal and make self-improvement in order to become qualified, excellent and real talents for our company.


Our company has been developing personnel system, especially for extending the reserve and development of talent to personnel cultivation in schools. The school and enterprise shall put into place a

Since early 2011, we have been running school jointly through entrusted order-based cultivation with Hunan Food and Drug Vocational College, Hunan University of Chinese Medicine and many other famous medical schools. After four periods of theoretical study, now the students concerned have been in the practice of job technique.




The Common People Pharmacy proposes the idea of common development of employee and the company and shall make career planning criteria for key employees. We also stress human resource development by offering more chances of study to our staff, with a view to bringing about the common development of employee and the company.
1.Career planning [human capital center]
Training course for new employees, training course for section manager, training course for shop manager assistant, training course for shop manager, training course for star-rated shop manager, etc.
2.2.Profession [Training Development Department]
Training on professional marketing lecturer and on pharmacist, etc.
3.3.Technique [Departments of the head office]
Training on corporate planning, training on business administration, purchase training, human resource training, etc.
4.4.Promotion [external cultivation]
Communication and study among all the chain stores in China, communication and study among all the chain stores abroad, talent exchange of large pharmaceutical enterprises, correspondence center, MBA training class, etc.

Training Development Department [management organization countrywide]
Training Department [companies of provinces]
Responsible person of training [all the regions]
Lecturers [shops]

Training organization structure
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System of pharmacists of training organization
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Hierarchical system of training organization
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