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one step ahead; all the way ahead

LBX have High-quality performance on integrating ability across region. All provincial companies are making profits and eight of them are advancing on market share. so far, LBX is one of the national pharmacy chain companies who have the most inter provincial companies and region integrating ability is one of the core competition abilities.


Cooperation and merger are critical development strategy and the number and quality of merge rank top in the pharmaceutical industry.

Since we merged Haicheng Pharmacy in Xiangtan in 2009, we have arrange more than 20 merger projects. The finished merger business distributed 1 billion to the sales volume.

 Integration is more difficult than merge. Data shows 50% of merger projects didn’t work out eventually while so far our merge projects have 100% great performance, which reveals our powerful ability of handling merger projects.

8 words principles for merger: Sincerity, fairness, flexibility, win-win
we have been objectively valued and dedicate to develop growth space which fully presents our market value and cooperating and mutual benefits principle.



Strategies on evaluating cooperation and merger partners value: 8 index

1 Share mutual coordination benefits
Partners should share coordination benefits on the region, management, finance, products and business pattern levels.

2 Store network value
Partners should have wide store network and high regional concentration. They could supplement the disadvantages of LBX and share little superposition.

3 Outstanding development space
Partners should have development space on sales, gross profit, store update and alteration and marketing strategies.

4 High publicity and good reputation and image
Partners should have good recognition among local customers.

5 Good team system
The merger partners should have a reasonable team structure and good team cohesion with professional employees.

6 Compatible corporation culture
Two cooperating partners should share basic core value of corporation culture.

7 Reasonable merger cost & performance
Partners should bring reasonable merger cost & performance

8 Priority of cooperation with local leading enterprise.
We believe cooperation with regional leading enterprise could bring more benefits.



Mergers and acquisitions diversification strategy: around the whole health industry chain

1 Horizontal merger and acquisition
This is the main direction on merger and acquisition which also could be understood as medicine retail business pattern including monomer pharmacy, chain pharmacy, Chinese medical clinics and healthy device stores.

2 Vertical merger and acquisition
This is the second direction on merger which means to expand business along with industry chain like merging manufacturing company and commercial distribution company.

3 comprehensive merger and acquisition
This is the tentative merger direction which is the important part of health industry including set foot in medical institution, bead house, health management and medical examination center.

4 Whole Channel merger and acquisition
It means the innovative merging direction which takes up shares or takes control of E-business projects besides physical stores.



Cooperation pattern: share ,control and 100% stock right; Asset acquisition; performance commitment.

All possibility could be discussed to make the cooperation happen.


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