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Children's Village in Shaanxi

Public welfare program: As a non-governmental charity organization set up in 1996, the children's village in Shaanxi functions to specially take care of children with no one to look after due to imprisonment of parents.
Staff of the Common People Pharmacy have visited these children for ten consecutive years. Our staff will not only bring them school supplies and living materials, but also the courage of facing life optimistically.


Financial aid to poor students in Tongdao County

During the communication between Xie Zilong, deputy to the National People's Congress and headmaster Meng Lanfeng (both of them are native of Hunan) when attending the National People's Congress in March 2010, Xie learned the difficulty of some poor pupils in Tongdao County in going to school and decided right away to offer financial support to at least 20 poor students every year. By now his donation has lasted for six years, which totaled 251,100 Yuan and helped 166 students.

Care for empty-nest elderly

On the ninth anniversary in 2010, the Common People Pharmacy proposed the initiative of respecting the elderly and announced to make donation of 300, 000 Yuan’s worth to 30 health activities centers for middle-aged and senior citizens. This activity is also listed as a public welfare program of the Common People Pharmacy every year, for the purpose of attracting the participation of more people and enterprises in showing care to the elderly and in programs for public good.


Employee relief fund

Adhering to and carrying forward the corporate culture of “being kind to employees” and in order to create an atmosphere of “care, harmony, kindness and gratitude” for our work team, our company established the “employee relief fund ” by investing 10 million Yuan. This fund aims at lending a helping hand to employees or their families that have great difficulty in life due to special conditions (such as serious disease, emergencies such as natural hazard, accidental injury, etc.) which seriously affect their normal work and life and at enabling them to live through the hard times. This activity speaks volume for the company’s care for our employees. By the end of 2014, we have offered aid to over 60 employee families suffering from disease, accidents, etc., involving relief fund totaling 690,000 Yuan.


Donation of hematopoietic stem cells

The voluntary donation of hematopoietic stem cell has become the program for public good of the more than 1,000 shops of Common People Pharmacy. Now the program has been going on for six years.


Five-heart fund