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If an objective is necessary for corporate management, I think the objective of Common People Pharmacy is good faith which is the root of behavior. I have always have the idea that personal integrity can affect a small number of people around. An entrepreneur can influence many people and even a large group. The Common People Pharmacy as established by me is a retail business for medicine and commits to the health cause of the common people. Falling ill is unavoidable for everyone. So the safety of medicine is a matter of life and death. For this reason, honest management for a business is of particular importance. Presently there are more than 1,000 drugstores in China. Our honesty and trustworthiness can influence all our customers and countless common people.

Before the establishment of Common People Pharmacy, I engaged in the wholesale of drugs. In the process of business operation, I found there are big price differences in the market, namely 50% to 60%, which shocked me greatly. From then on, I was determined to lower the drug prices. After careful thinking, I think Wal-Mart and convenience stores can coexist, and the prices of Wal-Mart are even lower. So why not be the Wal-Mart in the drug retailing business? As I later learned from the general survey in the pharmaceutical market nationwide, countless family tragedies have caused due to disease-incurred poverty. I have also learned the wish of low-priced medicine of the common people. After the possibility is being assessed, I am determined to open the first fair-price drug supermarket. Through minimizing the links of circulation, we directly purchased medicine from manufacturers as a way of reducing the drug price. Our chain pharmacies are operated through free selection and mass drug merchandise that have won great popularity of the public. Our competitive prices and low profit have won us countless loyal consumers. We believe that as long as we can carry out the principle of “everything is for the common people”, Common People Pharmacy is bound to duly contribute to the healthy life of the Chinese people.
       Here, on behalf of the Common People Pharmacy, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life and all our staff members that have made outstanding contribution and painstaking effort to our company.

Biography 1: When I was 12 years old, my father died of coronary heart disease. My father was brought back to life by first aid in the hospital, but medical treatment had to be abandoned due to high charges of medicine which were more than my family could afford. At that time, an idea came to me. When I grow up, I will enable the poor people to be able to afford the expense on medicine and medical treatment, so that the circumstance of my father will never happen again.
When failing to pass the college entrance examination and in order to relieve the financial burden of my family, I worked for Hunan Biological Medicine Company through introduction of a friend. As I was approaching my “medicine dream”, I went all out to study and work hard. After accumulating related experience, I established Hunan Medicine Operation Co., Ltd. with a friend to conduct the wholesale business of drug. During operation, I noticed that some low-priced medicine is sold at extremely high price due to multiple circulation links and hidden rules.
Pharmaceuticals, the collective wealth of all the members of the society, are entitled to everyone on an equal footing and shall not become the sudden wealth of the minority of the people. Everyone is a member of the common people. Hence, the common people should help themselves.
Biography 2: In February 2003, a traveling trader in Guangdong came to Zhuzhou Branch Office of the Common People Pharmacy to purchase all our radix isatidis granules totaling over 50 cases and hurried to load them before shipping back to Guangdong. The shop manager then reported the condition to Xie Zilong who immediately contacted his business peer in Guangdong. Xie’s friend in Guangdong told him that because of the outbreak of SARS in Guangdong, radix isatidis granules increased to over 20 Yuan and even 50 Yuan each box. Given this, many speculators were purchasing and hoarding the medicine in large quantities all over China in order to make a big fortune.
“The common people should think more for the common people. We shall not let the speculators ring the necks of the common people.” So Xie immediately asked his connections in Zhuzhou to intercept these radix isatidis granules at the cost of compensating all the losses for the Guangdong trader. The retail price of radix isatidis granules for customers is 5 Yuan / box, but the trader would like to offer 15 Yuan /box for the drug. The manager of Zhuzhu branch office still thought it a good deal. But Xie Zilong scolded him severely.
Soon Xie Zilong made a commitment to the public that the prices for drugs like radix isatidis will by no means be increased. With the worsening epidemic situation, the prices for some medicines had been soaring, and the purchasing prices were also increasing accordingly. At that time, the purchasing price of radix isatidis had increased to 7.5 Yuan, 2.5 Yuan higher than the selling price. While other drugstores had increased the price to 20 Yuan, 50 Yuan and even 100 Yuan, Xie Zilong adhered to his promise of “no price increase” to sell the drug by losing 4 million Yuan. Faced with the misunderstanding of employees, Xie responded resolutely and decisively, “We cannot profit from disasters and our promise of low price cannot be broken.”

Biography 3: When the earthquake in Wenchuan broke out, Xie was in the middle of his business activity in Shanghai. On hearing the news, Xie lost no time in going back to Changsha to make a donation of 1.16 million Yuan. Besides, by contacting the Red Cross Society in Sichuan, he prepared medicines worth of 5.106 million Yuan according to the the list of medicine as supplied by the Society whilst sending a team of first-aid volunteers composed of the company’s professional medical staff to the frontline of the disaster area for rescue. During the serious ice disaster in Hunan in January 2008, Xie personally led his staff to send 150,000 Yuan’s relief goods to Zhuzhou aid station at Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and made a donation and contribution of over 1 million Yuan.
Since establishment, Common People Pharmacy has donated funds, medicine and supplies of more than 43 million Yuan to programs for public good.

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